The Isioma Okobah Foundation has initiated an action plan against infant and maternal mortality known as “Mama & Pikin Kit”.

 The initiative according to the foundation, was to present the Mama & Pikin Kit to mothers for their newborns.

Speaking during the presentation of the Mama & Pikin Kit to mothers who delivered their babies in the Isioma Okobah Foundation Health Center in Igbodo, Ika North East Local Governmnet Area, the Chief Executive Officer of the foundation Dr. Isioma Okobah, said

“We have observed that pregnant women give birth at home, which is a risk to them and their babies. Oftentimes they don’t go to a clinic, hospital or health center because they are embarrassed that they can’t afford baby clothing and other delivery items. So we have taken it upon ourselves to offer free maternal health care services to mothers and their babies including this kit which we call “Mama & Pikin Kit”.

 On why the initiative was named “Mama & Pikin kit”, Dr. Okobah asserted that “When we offer baby kits filled with clothing, baby soap, diapers and other necessities, mothers are more likely to come to our Health centers to give birth and we are open 24/7. These kits, immunization, family planning advice, health education and more, would help mothers to have a healthy and safe delivery and the supplies they need to care for their newborns. As a mother, I cannot imagine what it must be like for parents who cannot afford the most basic necessities for their babies. No child, regardless of his/her family’s socio-economic status, should ever be without diapers, food, clothing or hygiene items. Our goal is to help alleviate some of the burden on these families by providing them with these essentials because for many families, it’s a serious struggle for them. So the Mama & Pikin Kit, is one way to ease the financial burden, and help new babies have a good start in life.” She noted.

The families who benefited from this magnanimous initiative expressed their gratitude to the Isioma Okobah Foundation for providing the enablement which they described as laudable and uplifting. 

 The Foundation further promised to continue with the good works, each time a baby is delivered in the health center and encouraged pregnant women and mothers to visit the health facility which is open 24/7 for free and quality health care services so as to prevent diseases, infant and maternal mortality.

The Isioma Okobah Foundation, whose founder Dr. Isioma Okobah doubles as the Chairman of the Delta State Primary Health Care Development Agency, was founded in the year 2005 as a platform to give back to the society with their headquarters located in Atlanta Georgia, USA and also located at No 1 Ndobu Quarters Igbodo in Ika North East Local Government Area of Delta State. The foundation is non-governmental, non-profit making and works with local and international partners, organisations to implement laudable and sustainable charity projects focused on free and quality health care delivery services.